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What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
Hallo allemaal or Hello everybody in English! I'm Lotte, born and raised in the Netherlands but on a quest to explore as much of the world as possible!

I have always loved travel… From a very young age my parents have taken me and my sisters on amazing family holidays, going camping in France, road tripping around Norway, sightseeing in Italy and exploring around England. Amazing memories that I deeply cherish…

When I grew older I went on holidays with my boyfriend (now husband) and/or with friends. But I still regularly travel with my mom and dad. In fact, when looking back on 2016 I realized I made 4 trips with my parents in the last year! Yup, I love my family and I love travel and the combination of the two ;-).

How often do you travel together?
Well, as mentioned above, I took 4 trips with my parents in 2016. First, I went skiing in Austria for a week, with not just my parents but also my parents-in-law!

My second trip was an awesome trip to Cuba with my mom. I had jokingly sent her a text message asking her if she would like to join me on a trip to Cuba, but I never really expected she would say yes! It turned out my mom had wanted to visit Cuba for years and I never knew! Spending 10 days in Cuba together was great.

The third trip with my parents was in June, when I made a spur of the moment decision to fly out to Andalusia in Spain to join them for a couple of days on their road trip around Southern Spain and Portugal.

And last but not least, I went sailing in Croatia with my parents and parents-in-law. Yup, you can say I’m a family person indeed☺.

Best tip or words of advice for traveling with parents?
I feel it's important to be comfortable with silence. In fact, it's really okay and nice to have silences! When traveling with my parents we talked a lot, about many things. But we also shared silences. We would often sit together, looking over the water or walk along the beach in the early morning. All with our own thoughts and contemplations. We didn't feel the need to chat all the time. It's just nice to share the experience and be in the moment together!

Any funny stories or light-hearted blunders?
Well, there was a recurring theme about our family holidays when I was growing up. Every year there was something with our car. A flat tire. A dead battery. Broken lights on the trailer. After a couple of years we started counting on this and brought extra food, snacks and games. We just assumed the journey to our destination would take a long time and would include a lot of waiting time. And we started placing bets how far we would make it before the car would break down. Good times ;-).

What are your favorite activities on vacation together?
Definitely skiing! It’s a shared passion and we have gone skiing together since I was 16 years old.

What places are on your shared bucket list?
New Zealand! I’ve been there for 6 weeks and lost my heart to this amazing country. It’s also a country my parents would love to visit; they love nature, hiking and road trips too and New Zealand is the perfect place for all those things.

Planes, trains, or automobiles?
Automobiles, road trips are the best! We all love driving, travel is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

Any notable or unique culinary experiences?
Haha, we all love food! A lot of time of our Croatia trip was dedicated to finding the perfect coffee, the tastiest ice-cream and the cutest restaurant for dinner. The home-cooked (well boat-cooked) lunches were excellent as well (that’s what you get with two moms on board) as were the evening cheese platters and bottles of wine…

Do you have a favorite travel memory that encapsulates your parent’s spirit?
It’s hard to pick just one! I think what I learned from my parents is their travel style. Down-to-earth, active and only staying in the same place for a couple of days. It’s how I travel too and I love this way of travel. But what’s most important: they taught me to be grateful. I know travel is a privilege and I feel very blessed to be able to travel as much as I do. I know not everybody has the opportunity to travel so I’ll never take this privilege for granted.

What do you cherish the most about your travels together?
Spending quality time together! I really enjoy talking with my parents, away from all the obligations and distractions. It gives us time to have real conversations and talk about things that don’t usually come up during a short Sunday visit.

I also love how you create shared memories together. One of my fondest memories of my Cuba trip is sitting in the back of a very old and rusty Lada with my mom, bouncing on the beats of Cuban reggaeton and driving over the bumpy road to Guardalavaca. We looked at each other and were both smiling, it’s a special memory we’ll share forever!

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