What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
I'm Kylie from Essex, UK. I have always been close to my parents, we all have similar likes and dislikes (see below!)

How often do you travel together?
We travel at least once a year together and it's always been that way since I was born!

Best tip or words of advice for traveling with parents?
Like travelling with anyone, take turns to chose activities so everyone is happy!

Any funny stories or light-hearted blunders?
Before one of our flights, we stopped at an airport hotel for the night. At breakfast, my Mum decided she wanted a toasted croissant for breakfast. The toaster was a conveyor belt style one, but when it got to the end, because it was thicker than a slice of bread, it got wedged at the back and started burning and smoking! One of the chefs fished it out and then bought over the black shrivelled lump to our table and went 'I think this is yours'. Was so funny!

What are your favorite activities on vacation together?
Mum - taking photos, people watching. Dad - motor sports, such as ATV tours.

What places are on your shared bucket list?
America! We've been to America as a family several times but there is so much more left to explore! My Mum loves Austria and Switzerland. I've yet to visit those countries but I want to and I know she wants to go back some day!

Planes, trains, or automobiles?
Automobiles! I love going for road trips with my parents! We completed Route 66 and part of Route 1 in America.

Any notable or unique culinary experiences?
We all tried a chilli for the first time while travelling Route 66. My Dad took a huge bite out of one not realising how hot it was! His mouth was on fire!

Do you have a favorite travel memory that encapsulates your parent’s spirit?
While driving Route 66, we made a silly lip sync video to John Mayer's 'Route 66' somewhere in the middle of the California Desert!

What do you cherish the most about your travels together?
That we've been fortunate enough to have seen some awesome places together and all been in the position that we've been able to afford to do them!

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