Thanks to Amanda (wearing pink) from Chasing My Sunshine for today’s fantastic Q&A post. Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
Hi there! My name is Amanda and I'm currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I'm from a pretty small town where cornfields were my neighbors. My parents have always been supportive of me slowly moving further and further away from home...because that means they get to come visit! They both love casinos, bingo (I swear they're in their 50s!), and riding their bikes for hours on the weekends.

How often do you travel together?
The past few years we've made it a point to travel together at least once a year. My sister too!

Best tip or words of advice for traveling with parents?
Be patient! And this is coming from somebody who is not patient at ALL.

Any funny stories or light-hearted blunders?
Let me tell you about the time we tried to navigate the traffic circles of Northern Ireland with a rental car and no GPS. I can't even write about it without laughing to myself. I'm pretty confident in my navigation skills, which translated into me being a ridiculous backseat driver. My mom and dad could not get their communication down about WHICH exit to get off of the traffic circle. I think we went around a good 6-10 times before having to switch seats and finally finding our way. Ha!

What are your favorite activities on vacation together?
We are all big bike riders, which makes me so happy! I'm trying to come up with a good cycling destination for us to visit next. I also like to drag them on hikes.

What places are on your shared bucket list?
You know - I don't know that they have bucket lists! We're going to have to get on that right away. I'd really like to take them somewhere that doesn't speak English and is totally out of their comfort zone.

Planes, trains, or automobiles?
Even our trips where we fly to get somewhere, some of my best memories have come from our rental cars (see above!). So for all of us, I'll pick automobiles!

Any notable or unique culinary experiences?
We just went on a big family vacation on a cruise and my sister and I noticed there was a sushi restaurant on board. We LOVE sushi, so we wanted our mom and dad to try it too. I will spare you the pictures I took of their first bites. 😉 But I am proud they tried!

Do you have a favorite travel memory that encapsulates your parent’s spirit?
When we were in Northern Ireland, it happened to be my dad's birthday. He so badly wanted to see a castle, and so we found him a castle for his birthday. We were touring around and a caretaker came up and started chatting with my parents. They were so blown away by how friendly he was and I think they had a conversation for at least 30 minutes. Seeing that the reaction to friendliness was just utter kindness makes me so happy.

What do you cherish the most about your travels together?
When I was growing up we were very much a "Disney" family, in the sense that we went to Disneyworld pretty frequently. It was a seriously fun way to grow up and I will always have those memories, but more recently being able to see my parents experiencing a much larger World is really something special.

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