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What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
My name is Adam Wright. I grew up in a few different countries including Brunei, Malaysia and the U.A.E. I am currently based on the Dorset coast of the UK with my wife and travel blogging partner. My parents have been based in Dubai for the past 15 years. My father is an architect and my mother a conceptual artist. They have both always loved to travel and have been to some incredible places all over the world. I don’t think they will ever slow down!

How often do you travel together?
At every opportunity. Living on opposite sides of the world means that the time we have together is precious. We have a yearly trip to join them for two weeks in Dubai every April. It’s usually a more relaxed easy-going affair, catching up with old friends and trying out new places in the ever-growing city. We also try to meet them somewhere else in the world for a bit of an adventure. So far we have explored South Africa and Jordan together, with plans to go to Sri Lanka next year.

Best tip or words of advice for traveling with parents?
Less is more. Try not to plan too much each day. We have found that we have enjoyed the activity or attraction more if we know we are not in a rush.

Any funny stories or light-hearted blunders?
Nearly killing my father paragliding in Cape Town. We had incredibly clear weather for winter, but unfortunately for us, very little wind. Both my father and I had failed take-offs before the wind picked up. This included a little tumble down the side of Signal Hill. Luckily no damage was done, except to our egos!

What are your favorite activities on vacation together?
We both love historical landmarks, fine dining, and boutique hotels. It was my parents who opened my eyes to the world of safaris and we are planning to go on a Leopard Safari in Sri Lanka.

What places are on your shared bucket list?
We managed to tick off trekking around the ancient Nabatean ruins of Petra together. Next up Zanzibar and Japan.

Planes, trains, or automobiles?
It’s planes all the way with my parents. I quite like trains but I'm outvoted most of the time.

Any notable or unique culinary experiences?
An incredible 60th birthday meal for my father at The Test Kitchen in Cape Town, ranked No 21 on the 50 Best Restaurants in the World list and No 1 in Africa. The food was incredibly inventive and every course brought a new surprise.

Do you have a favorite travel memory that encapsulates your parent’s spirit?
I will never forget the happiness on both my parents faces when on safari at Shamwari in South Africa. My parents had been on safari before and this time would be accompanied by my brother, his girlfriend, myself and my wife. They loved the safari experience, but what was clear was that they loved sharing it with us. We don’t get to see each other nearly as much as we would like so these moments while travelling are even more special.

What do you cherish the most about your travels together?
When I travel with my parents, I realize how much they have shaped me into the traveller I am today. It was their enthusiasm and love for travel that sparked mine. I will always be grateful to them for showing me so much of the world at such a young age. They took my brother and I on so many amazing adventures including treks in Sarawak, caving in Mulu, snorkelling in Langkawi, diving in Mauritius, a road trip through Australia and many, many more. I have fond memories of travelling with them as a child. When we travel together now, I am reminded of those great trips while we create more memories exploring somewhere new.

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