Every trip mom and I eagerly go on the hunt for gifts to bring home to friends and family. Chocolate is always at the top of my list, and I seek out what’s unique and local. On our recent trip to Iceland, I came across Omnom Chocolate. What immediately attracted me was the boldly artistic packaging displaying creative artwork. That alone was enough to sell me, but then I became intrigued by the flavors as well. They included: Dark Cherries + Almonds, Coffee + Milk, Dark Milk + Burned Sugar, Tanzania, and Dirty Blonde. I chose the Sea Salted Almonds + Milk 45% and the Madagascar 66%.




The beauty of the chocolate bars themselves matched the artistry of the outer packaging. For my first taste, I peeled open the foil of the Sea Salted Almonds + Milk bar to reveal an enticing chocolate bar dotted with roasted chunks of almonds. The almonds were resting on top (rather than inside), which added to the beauty. Of the two bars, this was my favorite. The creamy milk chocolate melted and my mouth and was nicely complemented by the salty crunch of the roasted almonds.

The Madagascar 66% bar is a simple dark chocolate bar made only from organic cacao beans from Madagascar, raw cane sugar, and cacao butter. When I peeled back the foil (printed with artwork echoing the outer packaging), it revealed a geometrically carved chocolate bar. The deep hue of the dark chocolate shined richly. I hesitated before breaking into it, not wanting to disrupt its beauty.




The Madagascar bar has a very clean taste—the quality and purity of the cacao beans show through. It is a strong dark flavor, which makes it a good fit for those who enjoy a robust dark. Personally, I prefer a dark that is a little more mild and creamy, though I’m not the target audience for a true dark chocolate. I think the Dark Cherries + Almonds bar I’d been admiring in the store would have given a nice flavor contrast to tone down the dark for those of us who need things a little tamer.

I appreciate that Omnom Chocolate bars are made with simple, pure ingredients that highlight the integrity of the chocolate. Plus, the beautiful packaging and bold artwork make it an eye-catching gift for the chocolate lovers in your life. Although I first came across Omnom in a small town in Iceland, I’ve since found out that their bars are available in stores across Europe and North America as well as on their website. (Note—the flavor availability may vary. Some of the flavors I came across on my trip are no longer listed on their website.) If you happen to be in Reykjavik, you can also take a tour of the Omnon Chocolate Factory and learn more about their bean to bar chocolate making.

Omnom Chocolate
Hólmaslóð 4, 101 Reykjavík

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