If your parents are anything like my mom, then hand sanitizer is a must when traveling. Most elderly people are concerned with germs, and rightfully so. Getting sick can mean a longer recovery time than when they were younger. Plus, nobody wants to be ill while on vacation.

My mom is always pulling out her hand sanitizer at every meal. Usually, it would be some random brand that was heavily perfumed or had a strong chemical scent. I’d plead with her to just go wash her hands instead. Then I discovered EO Hand Sanitizers. They are natural, paraben-free, and the only scent is from essential oils. I was thrilled to find a hand sanitizer made from natural, plant-based ingredients, rather than mysterious chemicals whose names I couldn’t even pronounce.

EO Hand Sanitizer sprays come in .33 oz and 2 oz sizes and are certified organic. The different scents include lavender, peppermint, and sweet orange. There is also a gel version which has organic ingredients (but isn’t certified organic). The full line is effective against 99.9% of germs. Natural and effective! Now mom can stay germ-free, and I can enjoy my food without some smelly sanitizer ruining the aroma.

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