POP!—a sound you never want to hear on a road trip. Mom and I looked at each other … uh-oh…. We were in England driving from London to Glastonbury. I called the rental car agency for help. Of course, they asked where we were. I looked at the endless miles of countryside without so much as a sign or landmark. “Um, somewhere a couple hours from London…” Mom was at a loss as well. They pressed me for more details. All I could do was look at my helpless flip phone and sigh. (This was before smart phones were ubiquitous.) So much for getting a tow truck!

I was optimistic about flagging down a motorist. I thought it would take all of five minutes, but our efforts fell on blind eyes. I tried lifting the hood in a plea of “please help.” Nope! This had zero affect on the cars rushing by. I remained confident, but mom … not so much…. She stood at the edge of the road, waving her arms intently at each passing car.

I’d just about given up when a couple of motorcyclists stopped. I excitedly walked over to where mom was chatting with our saviors. But it turned out that they were simply waiting for a friend to catch up. They were on their way to a weekend of fun and fixing a flat tire wasn’t on their agenda. Seriously! This is a joke, right?

Now I’m really getting worried. The sun would be setting soon, and the only people who’ve stopped were going to leave us there. But then mom shamed their girlfriends. “Are you really going to let your boyfriends leave a little old lady stuck on the side of the road?” That did the trick. Mom always finds a way!

Once they were on board with helping, they were quite friendly and fun to talk to. It only took a few minutes and the new tire was on. We gave our thank you’s and wished them a fun weekend.

“See mom, we didn’t need to be worried!” Mom gave me a glare, not appreciating my attempt at a little humor. Though I knew she’d enjoy retelling the story when we got home! Now it was onward to Glastonbury and further adventures.

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