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Attempting to Photograph the Dark Hedges

Planning a trip takes inspiration and luck. When mom is involved, you get both. Once she came up with the brilliant suggestion to spend a few days in Northern Ireland before Iceland, I knew we had to see the Dark Hedges. I’d seen many photos and would always get drawn...

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Postcard from Iceland – Waterfalls

Today Mom and I saw a couple of stunning waterfalls along the south coast of Iceland. First was Seljalandsfoss, creating a mist that wafted across the colorfully dressed tourists. You can even walk behind the cascading water, but prepare to be drenched. Though it's so...

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Hotel Adventures – Going Cheap in Rome

Worst hotel decision ever? Going cheap in Rome! “Mom, do you really need to bring that hotel up again?” In my head, I’m rolling my eyes. “That wasn’t a hotel, it was a hostel!” mom retorts. “No, mom, it wasn’t. Can you please just let it go….” We all have those little...

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Oh No, a Flat Tire—Mom to the Rescue!

POP!—a sound you never want to hear on a road trip. Mom and I looked at each other … uh-oh…. We were in England driving from London to Glastonbury. I called the rental car agency for help. Of course, they asked where we were. I looked at the endless miles of...

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And So We Begin… Our First Roadtrip

Mom and I started our travel adventures when she was a spry 79. Of course there were many trips when I was growing up (and a few later ones with various members of the family), but this was our first big mother-daughter trip and her gift to me. She knew I’d been...

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