Travel with mom in 2016 ranged from the familiar—visiting friends in England—to the more adventurous. Mom loved our trip last year to Ireland, so this time we decided to explore Northern Ireland. And mom wants to finish off her 80s with a bang, so Iceland was just the ticket.

1. The Rocks

Mom’s favorite moment of 2016 was meeting Cathy, the owner of the charming Rocks B&B in Belfast. For mom, travel is about the people, and she found a kindred spirit in Cathy. They chatted away like long-lost friends, and mom is already plotting her return.


Mom & Cathy at The Rocks B&B


2. Horseback Riding in Iceland

Mom’s favorite thing in the world is horseback riding. She has a special bond with horses and cherishes every moment. Riding in Iceland was a special treat. Just look at that smile on her face! To read more about mom’s ride, click here.


Mom horseback riding in Iceland


3. Dining at Resto in Reykjavik

The culinary highlight of our year was dining at Resto in Reykjavik. Mom described their salmon tartar as the best salmon she’s ever had. We savored every bite of our delicious meal. For a recap of the whole meal, click here.


Salmon Tartar at Resto in Reykjavik, Iceland


4. Bushmills

Another highlight of our time in Northern Ireland was visiting Bushmills. After a busy day, we scored a last minute reservation for dinner at the Bushmills Inn and mom, of course, enjoyed a glass of Irish Whiskey.


Mom at the Bushmills Inn


5. Free Mercedes Upgrade

We lucked out with a free upgrade to a Mercedes for our road trip through Northern Ireland and the Antrim Coast. At first mom was indifferent, but once we hit the road, the extra comfort and smooth ride won her over. Mom still talks about how much she enjoyed cruising around in that car.


Our free upgrade


Mom is eagerly looking forward to making many more special moments on our 2017 adventures. Next up—New Zealand!


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