One of my favourite trips with Carrie, my very glamorous mother-in-law, was to Petra in Jordan. Travelling with my husband’s parents is always so great. Since they live in Dubai, we don’t get to see them that often, so it makes the trips we go on together twice as special. They have been travelling the world for decades, raising my husband and his brother in almost a different country every year, as well as regular trips and adventures.

Carrie had the good sense to get us up early to head into the famous World Heritage Site, meaning we had the unique experience of seeing the Treasury minus the tourists. We didn’t fully realise the importance of this until we were walking back through the city into the full flood of visitors disgorged from the 11 a.m. tour buses. That’s the benefit of experience!


Getting our first glimpse of Petra’s famous Treasury through the rocks

Getting our first glimpse of Petra’s famous Treasury through the rocks


We did feel a little guilty, as, in our excitement, we were pretty much running around like lunatics and Adam’s parents, while far from elderly, weren’t always able to keep up. At one point we left them browsing in some stalls to take what we thought would be a quick climb up to the High Place of Sacrifice. Later exploration told us that this is usually a two-hour hike. Luckily, we completed in a quarter of that time but had still left them waiting for us, a little bored at the bottom!

We also had to leave them again to climb up to the Monastery. I ran on ahead while they took donkeys up. Adam popped back to check on them a few times, but mostly we left them to it…


On our way back down from the Monastery at Petra

On our way back down from the Monastery


We had a similar experience in Amman which, unfortunately, is a very hilly city, and it really challenged Adam’s dad’s knees. I kept feeling guilty as I sprinted ahead excitedly and then doubled back apologetically.

Again, Carrie’s thorough research and preparation paid off here. She led us quickly to some real treasures of the city, including the stunning Wild Jordan Cafe, a pretty little gallery and garden, and the famous Rainbow Street.

Some of the most fun we had was at the Dead Sea where we enjoyed a stunning family lunch looking out over the shrinking saltwater, then floated around like bobbing champagne corks and covered ourselves in the prized mineral-rich mud. This is such a great memory. Adam’s dad can always be relied upon to take the best photos and make the worst jokes, and having Carrie along is a passport to all the best places—she always knows just where to go.


Lunch on our Dead Sea swimming stop

Lunch on our Dead Sea swimming stop


Adam’s parents have lived adventurers’ lives, and if we can follow in their footsteps, after we’ve finished running ahead, I know we’ll be happy.


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