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My mom is adventurous, feisty, and full-of-life. Despite being in her early 90s, she’s sharp and quick-witted. When I tell people her age (something that drives her absolutely nuts), they are always shocked. But then again, it is her youthful attitude and thirst for exploration that keeps her so young. That, and the nearly daily pilates, aerobics, and stretch classes. And did I mention that she horseback rides regularly, too!

For years, friends and extended family would ask me to share stories. There’s always a unique angle, spirited interaction, or humorous anecdote to mom’s escapades. One thing’s for sure, mom is never boring.

Travel encapsulates mom’s spirit. She wants to experience all she can, and who cares what age she is. It’s simply just a number anyway. She eagerly looks forward to each new trip. Her favorites are our road trips. For her, there’s nothing better than to sit back and enjoy the scenery while I drive. We’ve traveled across countries, enjoying the sights and, of course, great meals.

I wrote my first article about our trip to Ireland. I was nervous about it, but I received such wonderful feedback. A while later, I wrote another article about traveling with an older parent. I became inspired. I knew that there were other people who had stories about their own travels with parents. I wanted to create a place where people could share their own stories, memories, photos, and tips.

Please share about traveling with your mom and/or dad. Your stories can be about old, new, or future trips. If you simply want to honor them with a photo, please do. Memories have no rules. It’s your own little postcard or love letter to your loved ones.

Thanks for joining in!


  1. Addie K. Martin

    What a lovely idea for a site, Mara. I’ve not travelled with either of my parents since I was a child but I’m interested in hearing how other peoples’ experiences have gone! 🙂

    • Mara

      Thank you, Addie! I’m sure we’ll hear about some fantastic adventures.

  2. Claudia Dikinis

    What a wonderful idea, Mara! Your blog is beautifully conceived, designed and executed. Your writing is fluid, clear, engaging and inspiring. Congratulations!

    • Mara

      Thanks, Claudia, for your kind words and support!

    • Mara

      Thanks so much, Justin! Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans to visit those cities, but I appreciate the kind offer.


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