Stories of traveling with parents

Vacations with Mom celebrates traveling with our parents. Through the lens of my own adventures, come on a journey. And please contribute stories and tips of your own.

Come on a journey with me. And I invite you to contribute stories of your own.

Discovering the Magic of Dingle, Ireland

I wanted to share the first travel article I ever wrote. It was about mom and my trip to Dingle, Ireland, and it was the inspiration for this website. Thank you to Pink Pangea for publishing it. The original link on Pink Pangea is here.   Every few years, my mom and I...

Q&A – Natalie & Family, Cosmos Mariners

Thanks to Natalie of Cosmos Mariners: Destination Unknown for today’s stellar Q&A post. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
Natalie Vereen-Davis. I'm from Charleston, South Carolina, though I lived all over South Carolina during my childhood. My mom and dad are my travel inspirations--they had my younger sister and I traveling when we were very small, which is why I love to travel so much to this day! My mom is an accountant and my dad is in banking, so our trip budgets were always very carefully balanced even before we left the house.

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An Accidental Adventure in Carpi, Italy

I like to share mom and my hotel adventures as a little reminder to plant seeds that all will work out—that the unexpected can turn into a cherished adventure. And that sometimes a little wild goose chase results in one of mom’s favorite highlights. It began with yet...

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Q&A – Lotte, Mom, & Their Phenomenal Family

Thanks to Lotte from Phenomenal Globe for today’s marvelous Q&A post. Be sure to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

What’s your name, where are you from, and share a little about your mom or dad.
Hallo allemaal or Hello everybody in English! I'm Lotte, born and raised in the Netherlands but on a quest to explore as much of the world as possible!

I have always loved travel… From a very young age my parents have taken me and my sisters on amazing family holidays, going camping in France, road tripping around Norway, sightseeing in Italy and exploring around England. Amazing memories that I deeply cherish…

When I grew older I went on holidays with my boyfriend (now husband) and/or with friends. But I still regularly travel with my mom and dad. In fact, when looking back on 2016 I realized I made 4 trips with my parents in the last year! Yup, I love my family and I love travel and the combination of the two ;-).

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Castle Howard – A Gem in North Yorkshire, England

One of mom’s favorite things to do on our trips is to visit manors, historic houses, and estates. While planning a recent trip to England, I stumbled across Castle Howard on Twitter. Before I could even get a full sentence out, mom was on board. “Don’t you want to...

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Mom’s Top 5 Travel Moments of 2016

Travel with mom in 2016 ranged from the familiar—visiting friends in England—to the more adventurous. Mom loved our trip last year to Ireland, so this time we decided to explore Northern Ireland. And mom wants to finish off her 80s with a bang, so Iceland was just the...

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Product Review – Omnom Chocolate

Every trip mom and I eagerly go on the hunt for gifts to bring home to friends and family. Chocolate is always at the top of my list, and I seek out what’s unique and local. On our recent trip to Iceland, I came across Omnom Chocolate. What immediately attracted me...

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The Tale of Mom’s Ferragamo Shoes

It all started with a pair of Ferragamo shoes. My 80-something mom has a bit of a vain streak and this trip was no exception. She had a beautiful outfit picked out for a family event, but our flight was delayed, and we no longer had time to swing by the hotel first to...

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Come follow mom and I on our adventures. Join in with your own stories, too. To read more about mom and how the website came about, click here.

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