The love of football connects people all over the world. Not only the joy of watching big stars or our favorite players, but also playing on the pitch. Whether it’s a yard or a professional sports club, proper footwear is important to keep us from injury . There is a large selection of football boots on the market. Corks, turf, lanks, screws… To a person with a general knowledge of football, these names mean nothing. However, with a bit of perseverance, we can quickly enter the world of sports footwear.

Does size matter?

Football cleats can be comfortable if we take care of it before buying. Choosing the right size is a key step in purchasing any type of footwear. However, with sports shoes, it can cause more difficulties. To maintain comfort and efficiency during the game, the shoes must not be too tight. If your fingers rub against the front panel or are cramped, you need to look for something bigger. On the other hand, the foot must not be loose. The shoe should be close to the foot, but not squeeze it , so as to ensure free circulation of blood. It is worth checking the size of shoes in a stationary store. When choosing the right size, you can also start looking in the online assortment. Adidas cleats present a wide range of products online. You can easily choose from different types and models.

Be like Kylian Mbappe!

The French footballer impresses with his form. What shoes does she wear? Nike football boots! There are many designs and colors on the market, so it is also worth taking care of this aesthetic side and looking for the perfect cut of our shoes . It’s nice to play in something that looks good, and standing in the wardrobe or on the shelf, the shoes will encourage us to play!

What to do to avoid slipping?

The playing surface makes a huge difference . It cannot be underestimated, because it will cancel the usefulness of our sports shoes. Before purchasing, it is worth asking yourself: “Where do I usually play / will I play?”. Depending on our answer, we should choose footwear designed for a given type of game. If we most often play on a pitch that is exposed to intense weather conditions (frequent rainfall), we need screws, shoes with a hard sole These models have metal plugs that maintain adhesion to the ground on natural turf The poles are lighter, which is why they are ideal for hard surfaces It is worth remembering that if one plug is broken, it is necessary to replace the whole shoes, except for screws.

Choosing the right shoes is not an easy nut to crack, but with a little commitment, we can easily find something for ourselves!


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